Organisational Benefits

Local experiences in Singapore have shown that having a well-planned WHP programme contributes to a company's bottom-line.

Healthier workers enjoy better job security and a higher quality of work life. A healthier workforce is more productive and will enhance the company's effectiveness. It also benefit everyone. Healthier employees will find more joy in their work and their families awhile employers will benefit from better staff morale and energy at work.

Thus, your employees' health is your most valuable asset!

Business Excellence

Employees and employers with healthier minds and bodies will be able to work better and stay longer with the organization.

Good WHP programmes assist and enable employees to make positive lifestyle changes to stay fit and healthy. A healthier and happier workforce will increase business efficiency and make the workplace a safer place.

Therefore, it should be in the interest of every company to care for the health of their employees. Health Promotion for employee can be positioned as a strategic business initiative. This is increasingly recognized as an effective way to contain health costs and boost business excellence.


Health News

In today's new and rapidly changing economic environment, our employee is facing increasing competition and challenges from the global market. In order to meet these challenges, companies cannot afford to ignore the health of their employees in their journey towards business excellence.

A healthy workforce is a productive one and has direct implication for the employees' quality of life. Studies have shown that comprehensive workplace health promotion (WHP) programmes improve productivity of employees by:

  • Reduce healthcare cost
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce presenteeism
  • Increase staff morale
  • Enhance performance
  • Achieve excellence