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CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility @ Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility @ Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore

Children – The Future of Tomorrow

Deep in our desires were to venture on a journey of optimising health for the local children in Bangalore, India by volunteering to educate their parents on Nutrition and Food Safety. What first started out as a pilot feasibility study on 'Nutrition for Children' at Parikrma Foundation (PF), became even more rewarding as five of us returned twice yearly over a period of 3 years to share the amazing stories of its evolution.

Smiley school children with Red Element Health Team playing on Parikrma school grounds

It was an extremely thrilling experience for all of us as Singapore International Foundation (SIF) first approached Red Element Health International (REHI) Pte Ltd after its embarkment on a new partnership with PF in 2013. Each year, we gained valuable new insights to the nutritional needs of these children who are at risk of malnutrition. We were touched by the eagerness to learn and the enthusiasm concealed in both young parents and Community Development Centre (CDC) officers who are always ready to participate in our basic, advanced and Train-the-Trainer (TOT) intervention.

The parents were truly a delightful bunch to teach as they viewed our nutrition programmes as an opportunity of a lifetime to feed their children well for a brighter future! We really enjoyed the warm hospitality of the CDC team as we worked collaboratively towards nurturing an outreach of 1200 healthier families from 4 different schools! By encouraging the parents to share their newfound knowledge with their neighbours, these programmes are projected to reach out and impact the lives of more than 30,000 individuals!

Enthusiastic parents attending a series of nutrition workshops

These CDC officers were filled with compassion as they made endless trips to visit and inspect the kitchens with the volunteers in the 'Clean Home' contests. The pursuit to seek an application of food hygiene tips during the educational sessions have not only spurred the CDC team to build closer rapport with these families within their neighbourhood, but also empowered the local community to be geared with nutritional knowledge to proceed with greater determination and pitch their culinary skills in a series of cooking competitions across the schools.

Passionate Community Development Centre officers practicing proper
handwashing techniques at a food safety and hygiene session

It is definitely a proud moment for all the CDC officers and the participants of the cooking competitions as they willingly share their unforgettable journey of health experience that is documented with a compilation of the best winning recipes to be published into a book. We are fascinated and amazed by how much has been accomplished so far and we are exhilarated to feel the success of the achievement as a team and how all these initiatives have made a great difference to the beneficiaries of the entire PF.

Our judges in action during the food tasting segment in the cooking competitions

Overall, it has made a life-enriching experience for us all! We are indeed thankful for SIF for inviting and supporting REHI to be a part of this meaningful expedition! We certainly look forward to injecting and implanting these nutritional interventions with other dedicated volunteers who are in the spirit of giving back to other well deserved developing nations!