Our Mission:

We are committed to providing quality health promotion services which is our top priority.

We help our customers achieve a standard of excellence in health through our holistic Health Promotion and Nutrition (HPN) Services.

We create value for our customers by translating health excellence into business excellence through our Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programs.

We assist all companies manage their employees' health more effectively through provision of innovative, high quality health promotion consultancy and services of reasonable pricing that would enhance all employees to achieve better health and well-being at their workplaces.

Why Us

Helping your company to organize and sustain an effective programme:

  1. We listen and understand your needs to effectively customize a health promotion programme that will meet your organizational priorities and achieve your objectives.
  2. Working with you as partners and constantly get your feedback when designing the programme. We actively encourage you to contribute ideas and involve you in the programme planning. In this way, you will feel that the programmes belong to you and understand how your participation benefits you in the long run.
  3. We keep it comprehensive and convenient. Our services include conducting surveys to assess your needs which further assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of the health programmes.
  4. We like simple things and use practical solutions to help your employees take charge of their lives, one step at a time. We help them to learn and practice healthful behavior and to make health a part of their working routine.
  5. We are flexible. Whether you are implementing a programme for your first time or enhancing an existing programme, we offer unlimited design flexibility to fit into your company culture. We work hard to bring our products and services alive by selecting when and how to offer them at your workplace. We also constantly review our programmes and introduce new ones to meet your changing needs.
  6. We have fun. We offer enjoyable, innovative and challenging programmes that will capture your staff’s interest and equip them with knowledge and skills to improve their health. We constantly look for creative and informal settings where lessons can be taught, experienced and learned.
  7. We keep them accessible. Our activities are easily accessible to employees of all ranks regardless of physical, social and cultural barriers.